Lloyd Milen (left), Rosario Sánchez (third right).

British Consul-General to Catalonia and the Balearics, Lloyd Milen, yesterday repeated assurances to the Balearic authorities that Brexit "poses no threat whatsoever to British tourism in the Balearics".

Accompanied by the British Consul to the Balearics, Lucy Gorman, Milen met the national government delegate to the Balearics, Rosario Sanchez before holding talks with the acting minister for tourism, Bel Busquets. Milen explained to Busquets that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has launched a widespread social media campaign in the United Kingdom targeting young people aged 17 to 25 to encourage them to behave sensibly and obey local laws while on holiday abroad this summer.

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"We have been addressing this problem for the past two years. The number of British holidaymakers in the Balearics who cause problems is now minimal in comparison with the millions who come to the Balearics," Milen told Busquets. "Last summer season, for example, 750,000 young Britons consulted our various digital platforms and the outcome is proving to be extremely positive, which is encouraging."

Despite knowing what the full consequences of Brexit are going to be, Milen told the acting minister that British tourists are "spending more" while on holiday in the Balearics and stressed that, whatever the outcome, Britons will continue to come on holiday to the region. "Our data for last year indicates that British tourists in the Balearics spent 7.4 per cent more than in 2017."

He discussed security operations with Busquets and Sanchez, especially with regard to Calvia and resorts such as Magalluf, and gave guarantees that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office is committed to continuing cooperating closely with local and state security forces in eradicating anti-social behaviour.