Arca saying no to graffiti vandalism. | Laura Becerra


The heritage association Arca has called for one department at Palma town hall to take responsibility for removing graffiti. The association wants there to be a set budget for dealing with graffiti and specific personnel. Ideally, the councillor for culture would assume the responsibility.

Arca says that most graffiti is simply vandalism rather than being urban art. It is a serious problem which needs solving. Over recent years there hasn't been a set plan to prevent the proliferation of graffiti, and Arca accuses the town hall of having abrogated responsibility through ineffective application of municipal ordinance. The graffiti damages Palma's image, harms the city's patrimony and causes both psychological and economic harm.

Responding immediately to graffiti by removing it would reduce the likelihood of copycatting and starve the ego of perpetrators. The town hall has an obligation to remove this graffiti, Arca insists. The association suggests that there be spaces where graffiti (or urban art) is permitted and also that there are grants for certain projects which would enrich neighbourhoods.