Takeaway trash on the streets.

12-06-2019Ajuntament de Calvià

Calvia police and the Calvia 2000 municipal services agency are carrying out a campaign directed at reducing mess and waste produced by fast-food and takeaway outlets. Particular attention is being paid to Punta Ballena in Magalluf where there is an abundance of fast-food establishments.

The agency says that each day there is a great accumulation of plastic waste and of organic waste. The latter doesn't just mean food, as the agency includes vomit. For its early morning shift, Calvia 2000 has to deploy some 20 workers to clean up Punta Ballena, Marti Ros and adjacent streets. Some 500 kilos of waste are collected on a daily basis in summer.

Modification to municipal ordinance in April this year set out waste and cleanliness responsibilities of takeaway and fast-food establishments. Within a fifty-metre radius, they are expected to clean the public way. Any establishment providing food and drink in takeaway containers has to take measures to reduce waste and prevent the discarding of rubbish on the streets. They are also obliged to inform the public of the need to avoid litter.

All establishments with terraces are being reminded of a ban on depositing waste on the streets and on throwing out dirty water that has resulted from cleaning.

Fines for breaches of these regulations range from 300 to 9,000 euros.