Chiringuito operators say they're making losses because there are no terraces. | C. Viera

The Balearic government's directorate for natural spaces has advised against Es Trenc chiringuito beach bars having terraces.

Since the permanent bars were removed and replaced by the season-long demountable substitutes, there have been no terraces. Operators of the six bars on the beach say that without them they are suffering financial losses. They are wanting wooden terraces with shades for twelve tables (48 seats).

The beach now forms part of the Es Trenc Nature Park. Services on it are therefore subject to environmental analysis in accordance with the regulations for the park. In the view of the directorate, terraces would lead to concentrations of beachgoers and could have a negative effect on the dunes. This would be because, it is argued, there would be uncontrolled passage through the creation of new walking routes. This would result in the loss of vegetation. Moreover, terraces would have a "radical" impact on the beach landscape by creating artificial elements that would undermine the individuality of the beach.

Further conclusions by the directorate concern the installation of walkways by the chiringuitos and an increase in the number of sunlounger/parasol units. These should not be permitted.