Summer's here.

Astronomical summer starts today. The Aemet met agency is forecasting that summer temperatures in the Balearics and on the mainland will be 0.5C above normal. This will be roughly in line with last summer, when they were up 0.6C by comparison with the 1981-2010 period of reference that Aemet uses. Summer 2018 temperatures were in fact down slightly compared with the three previous summers.

The met agency has not as yet given a specific forecast for summer rain. Typically, Aemet mentions the likelihood of some unsettled conditions by the second half of August.

Spring, in Aemet terms, was "hot" for the country as a whole and was the sixth driest this century. There was 15% lower rainfall than normal, which qualifies Spain as being in a situation of "meteorological drought" because there has been a lack of rain over the past twelve months. This situation mainly applies to the western half of Spain, parts of the north and the Canaries.