Police have been examining the car.

Capdepera police have arrested the 27-year-old driver of the car that knocked down 40-year-old Ángeles Castillo on a pedestrian crossing in Cala Ratjada on Monday evening; she died in hospital on Tuesday.

The driver, who tested negative for drink and drugs, told police that he had been distracted by the car's windscreen wipers and was unable to prevent running into Ángeles Castillo and her daughter, who was not badly hurt. He had not seen them on the crossing.

Police suspect there may be a different reason why he was distracted - using his phone. He wasn't charged on Monday, but now faces possible investigation for reckless homicide.

The car is being examined by police - it has a dent on the bonnet and a crack in the windscreen. Witnesses say that the car was being driven above the speed limit for the stretch of the Avenida Juan Carlos I where the incident occurred.