The tram to the airport is a priority.

The agreements for the new Balearic government include 200 proposals, only some of which are stated in specific terms. Into this category come transport projects. Railways are to be built to Alcudia and to Arta/Cala Ratjada. A third, to Felanitx, is to be studied further. The tram to the airport from the centre of Palma will be created and the metro will go as far as Son Espases.

Less specific are measures related to dealing with "tourism linked to excesses and the consumption of alcohol, including all-inclusive". Legislation will "clarify and improve" all-inclusive, but the document doesn't say how other than to refer to "limitations" in the general interest.

One of the "great challenges" identified by PSOE, Més and Podemos is housing. There is to be an observatory for housing prices and an office for empty properties. The observatory will study the property market in the Balearics and will come up with measures "to control prices".

Owners of properties, it is proposed, will get tax reductions if they rent out at prices which are "affordable, socially responsible and foster long-term renting". These tax incentives would apply to individuals with one or a few properties and not to large property owners such as banks. A different form of tax intervention is envisaged for the likes of investment funds which have numerous properties but which escape tax payments.