The new Minister for Tourism, Iago Negueruela, officially took over from his predecessor Bel Busquets yesterday.

The newly appointed Balearic Minister for Tourism, Iago Negueruela, has been given a new brief for this next legislature, he will be responsible for tourism, employment and the economy, but he said that he considers the fusion of tourism and employment to be vitally important.

“Obviously, there are numerous aspects we have to take care of with regards to tourism but being responsible for employment as well, I will be able to pay greater attention to workers’ rights in the hostelry sector, pay more attention to the problem of short term, seasonal contracts and make sure that workers’ rights are respected by employers,” he said.

“We intend to make sure that all of the current rules and regulations which are in place are complied with in all sectors, especially tourism, which has been the case until now.

“Our biggest concern is the service sector, it’s the largest employer and it drives the local economy, so clearly, that is where we will have the most work to do and therefore be paying special attention to irregular contracts and that is not only in the hotel sector but across the board.

“A great deal of improvement has been made in the service sector over the past four years and we want to continue with the good work that has been achieved,” the minister said.
“We are committed to improving the quality of working conditions so we have a fairer and more equal society,” he added.

One of his first and biggest tasks is to draw up a new all-inclusive law, apparently there was not enough time during the previous legislature, but the proposal was approved by the all the three main coalition parties.

No deadline has been set for the new all-inclusive law but it is at the top of the new government and the minister.

Alcohol tourism
What the new all-inclusive law will include remains to be seen, but based on bylaws taken by various municipalities intent on curbing all-inclusive, stricter controls on the serving and consumption of alcohol are expected to be introduced as part of a region-wide crackdown on antisocial alcohol tourism.

At the same time, an emphasis is expected to be placed on encouraging more family and quality tourism.

With regards to the tourist tax, for the time being, no changes are going to be made.
“It has become an extremely important tool and it is vital that it remains in place. It was one of the most important achievements of the previous governments and we want it to remain in place, as is, to help us all in improving and expanding sustainable tourism,” the minister said.

The President of the Majorcan Hoteliers Federation, Maria Frontera, has welcomed the appointment of Iago Negueruela to the post but stressed that the important work which has been carried out with regards to improving workers’ rights in the tourism industry must continue.

She also said that the new ministry needs to be more dynamic with regards to its tourism policies and outlook and encourage and attract more investment in new products to help diversify the sector.

Headquarters for the Ministry for Tourism will remain in calle Montenegro.