Scene during the intervention.

The National Police confirmed yesterday that it has dismantled an organised international crime gang in Majorca with the arrest of 19 people and the confiscation of substantial amounts of drugs and cash.

The 19 suspects are Spanish, Bulgarian, South American and Nigerian.
The arrests are the result of a special operation which has been in the planning for months and was given the green light to go on June 6 which is when the first arrest was made in Majorca.

On June 14, a further five people were arrested when special anti serious crime agents from the National Police raided five properties in various locations on the island. The third, but not final, phase of the operation was mounted this Wednesday when armed police swooped on ten properties and arrested a further 13 suspects.

The operation remains ongoing and further arrests are expected to be made over coming days once all of the 19 have been fully questioned and have appeared before remand hearings.

However, as a result of the first three phases of the operation, 14 kilos of marijuana have been seized along with 310 grams of cocaine and more than 55,000 euros in cash as well as equipment used for growing and preparing drugs.

The first of the suspects will appear in court this weekend.