The new members of the Council of Mallorca yesterday. | Pere Bota

The new Council of Mallorca is ready for business after nine of the councillors were sworn in yesterday morning with President Catalina Cladera proclaiming “this Council of Mallorca will stand up for women” reforming to the fact that her two Vice-presidents are women.

Socialist party member Cladera’s new body is made up of five members of her own party, two from Més and two from Podemos, each of the last two occupying the position of Vice-president.

One of those is the former Balearic Vice-president and Minister for Tourism, Bel Busquets.
She will now be responsible for culture, heritage and language while other deputy president, Aurora Rebot, will be tasked with sustain ability and the environment.
Cladera said that the new council is going to everything within its power for the benefit of Majorca “and we will confront every challenge seriously, with rigor and courage,” she proclaimed.

“We need to give the council a new injection, especially with regards to the environment which she said the council intends to become a European pioneer in environmental protections and sustain ability while setting out new and efficient guidelines marking out a new path for social welfare, tourism and equality, these are our main objectives,” she added.

Ivan Sevillano, the new councilor for transport highlighted the need to boost public transport which the Council of Mallorca is soon to be placed nib charge of as opposed to the Balearic government.

“All the other island councils are responsible for transport, as we will be soon and we intend to make it work, ease the pressure on the island’s roads and reduce pollution as quickly and efficiently as we can.”