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Margaret Whittaker OBE with her award

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Son Amar owner is Business Woman of the Year

The award was created to recognise women who have achieved significant accomplishments in their career, honouring inspiring innovators and visionaries, at a prestigious event held in London.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporterSlimming World21/03/2024 15:38

Carrie, Johnson, Boris Johnson's wife

Carrie, Johnson, Boris Johnson's wife

Carrie Johnson, the PM’s wife as “…the real person in charge” during the early days of the Covid crisis.

Judith Mora | LONDRES 23/10/2023

Carrie, Johnson, Boris Johnson's wife


Let’s face it chaps - the person in charge is usually a woman

I have this theory (more a certainty actually) that it is women who generally make the key decisions in family life and then rather cleverly ‘sell’ these decisions to the male of the species complete with the fantasy that it was his decision in the first place.

Frank Leavers23/10/2023 11:32

A person at a hairdresser get her hair done


Hair today - gone tomorrow!

“Why is it that so many women are seemingly obsessed by their hair and sometimes talk of little else?”

Frank Leavers02/03/2023 15:09

My Column

Yet another problem with women

This time a lingerie entrepreneur called Emily Bendell has given the club 28 days to agree to admit women or she will seek a court ruling that the club is acting unlawfully under section 29 of the Equality Act 2020 in discriminating against them.

Donald Trelford14/09/2020 15:36

New members of the Council of Mallorca


New Council of Mallorca will stand up for women

Tourism, social welfare, equality, the environment, sustainability and public transport are key issues.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter10/07/2019 04:01

More police women on the beat in Palma

Law enforcement

More police women on the beat in Palma

City council wants to see more women employed and the wage gap closed.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/11/2018 15:11


A big mistake

Two of the most powerful women in Britain... but they both committed a highly costly error, they underestimated the electorate and their own popularity.

Jason Moore28/06/2017 00:00

Seasonal employment is a factor in determining salary levels for women and men.


Women in the Balearics earn 20% less than men

The wage gap is the third lowest in the country, but there's a catch.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter23/02/2017 00:00

Cossiers dancing in Alaro yesterday.

Fairs and Fiestas

Alaro Cossier dances will now feature women

The next time that the Cossiers appear they will feature two women.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter29/05/2016 00:00

The presentation of the campaign which runs all month.


Campaign launched against trafficking of women and girls

The campaign highlights the issue of slavery in the twenty-first century which particularly affects women and girls.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/04/2016 00:00

48 candles were lit in the Balearic parliament today.


Parliament pays tribute to victims of gender violence

Forty-eight candles were lit to remember the women, the ceremony ending with a minute’s silence.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter24/11/2015 00:00