Seaplane helping out.

The wave of forest fires which spread across Majorca yesterday, the worst being in Escorca, was said to be “out” or “under control” by midday yesterday.

The Ibanat Balearic Nature Institute, reported that the fires in Alaro, Formentor and Cala Tuent had all been extinguished either late on Tuesday night or early yesterday morning.

The blaze in Cala Tuent, which broke out on Monday night as a result of a lightning strike, destroyed a total 51 hectares of pine woods and scrubland.

The Formentor fire, which led to the shuttle bus service from Puerto Pollensa up to the lighthouse being postponed and the road closed while firefighter planes bombed the blaze with water, was finally extinguished shortly after 8.30pm on Tuesday, while the fire in Alaro was not declared officially out until 7am yesterday morning having torched 0.6 hectares.

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The other two minor blazes in Cala En Baset, Andratx was also extinguished on Tuesday night having destroyed nearly three hectares of pine forest. The Guardia Civil have announced that they will pursue and prosecute anyone involved in starting wild fires this summer.

The Guardia Civil have announced that they are taking an active role in forest fire prevention this summer, and will hunt down anyone who is involved in starting fires, either deliberately or through negligence. The Guardia Civil have pledged to investigate every single wild fire this year.

So far this year 178 people have been arrested.

One suspect is being held for starting 16 wild fires across Spain, some close to homes and populated areas. He is currently awaiting trial and more arrests are expected to be made as the high temperatures and bone dry conditions continue.

Two years ago in Majorca and Ibiza a number of arsonists were arrested for having deliberately started forest fires, one of the worst was in Arta and the local authorities have vowed to throw the book at any one found to be responsible for starting a bush fire.
And, with temperatures forecast to climb steadily over the next few days, the emergency services remain on red alert and any suspicious activity should be reported to the police.