The helicopter has radar and a camera system.

It is the worst nightmare for drivers and the DGT traffic department’s helicopter fitted with a special Pegasus radar and camera system is going to be patrolling Majorca’s roads this summer.

Pegasus operates at a height of 300 metres above the road.

From this position Pegasus works with two cameras working simultaneously, one has a panoramic lens which follows the movement of any given vehicle and checks its speed, the other telephoto lens to register the license plate.

The system makes a total of three checks every three seconds on each vehicle to records its speed.

An average speed is clocked and that will be the one that finally determines if a driver is committing infraction. In case a drivers is traveling over the speed limit, the system will send the captured photograph to be analysed and start the process of issuing a fine.

However, Pegasus is not only is able to catch speeding drivers, it can record all kinds of infractions such as the improper use of the seat belts, the use of handheld mobile phones while driving or general improper behaviour at the wheel.

And, while it operates at just 300 metres, it can detect and record a vehicle and driver from a distance of one kilometre, so drivers should be aware.

Last year, the Pegasus helicopter caught 243 drivers for various traffic infringements, but 150 were for speeding.

Other common traffic crimes were the use of hang held mobiles or over taking where not permitted.