The bleeding Briton was finally caught and arrested by the Guardia Civil.

A 23-year-old Briton has been arrested after attacking an ambulance crew which went to his aid after he suffered multiple cuts after apparently throwing himself against a shop window in the early hours of Friday morning.

According to the police, the Briton was under the influence of drugs. Initially they thought he had been stabbed as a result of a fight and called for medical assistance.
But when the ambulance arrived he tried to attack the crew with a shard of glass.

The shirtless Briton was bleeding heavily from the arms and after trying to attack the ambulance crew, he fled the scene. However, he failed to get very far before throwing himself onto a vehicle and then being stopped and arrested by a Guardia Civil patrol.

He unsuccessfully tried to resist arrest and was eventually taken to hospital. According to the medical union, there have been five similar cases in Magalluf and Palma this week. The last was later on Friday afternoon.