Tourists in Palma. | PATRICIA

Toni Fuster, president of the Pimeco association of small to medium-sized retailers, has called for an in-depth study of holiday rentals in Palma.

Fuster met Mayor Hila on Friday morning and expressed his opposition to the ban on apartment holiday rentals.

This type of accommodation generates “much money for shops and restaurants”.

A social change has occurred in Palma, Fuster explained, and this has meant that there is an attitude of “tourist, go home” rather than a previous one of “a tourist, a friend”.

“We cannot allow poor treatment of tourists; we live from them.” On other subjects, Hila told Fuster that although the town hall is unable to resolve the wider problem that surrounds illegal street selling, it is committed to ensuring compliance with bylaws and to the fight against “mafias” which are behind this selling.

The mayor added that he will be working with Palma police on measures and resources in order to guarantee that bylaws are adhered to.