Milagros Alanís Moyano.

The National Police homicide squad is studying the final messages on the phone belonging to Milagros Alanis Moyano, the nineteen-year-old who died after taking ecstasy at a music event at Palma's Son Fusteret two weeks ago.

The family gave the phone to the police, who hope it will help in identifying who sold her the drug. Software will be used in recovering messages that may have been deleted from WhatsApp.

It has been established that Alanis, who had come to Majorca in April, bought two pills from an apparent drug dealer in Plaça Serralta. Residents have frequently denounced the presence of dealers in the area.

Alanis took one of the pills, while a friend took half of the other. The remaining half was found in her bag by her brother and sister; they handed it in for analysis.

The police have also requested medical records for Alanis from Son Espases Hospital and the specialist clinic in Barcelona to which she was transferred.