Tourists in Playa de Palma

Tourists in Playa de Palma.

30-05-2019Pilar Pellicer

Figures from the Frontur survey of foreign tourist movement show that in June there was a 2.6% decrease in the number of tourists who came to the Balearics. This followed a 0.4% drop in May. Meanwhile, the total number of overnight stays declined by 1.8% in June, a far slower figure than the 8.1% in May.

Despite these decreases, there was a 1.9% increase in foreign tourism over the first six months of the year - 5,540,205. The summer trend, however, is downward. The government recognises this and attributes the drop to the recovery of competitor destinations. The tourism minister, Iago Negueruela, said in a recent interview with the Bulletin that it was “logical” that other destinations would recover and so have an impact on what had been some “extraordinary” years in terms of elevated tourist numbers in the Balearics.

The islands’ hoteliers are concerned by levels of occupancy. These are, in general, down by three per cent, and have therefore provoked some discounting. However, while percentages have been mentioned regarding offers and occupancy for high summer, a proper assessment can’t be made until official figures, such as Frontur’s, are released.

In terms of markets, Germany regained its number one position in June. German tourists represented 31.6% of all foreign tourists, with the UK share at 29.9%. The UK market had climbed above the German in May - 31.7% versus 31.2%. But there is now evidence that German tourism, which has been wobbling, is recovering.


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E Weldon / Hace over 2 years

Most children have been telling me that they have been To Portugal on holiday and parents have said it was cheaper than Mallorca if you add on the increased Tourist Tax so they decided Portugal was the place to go one family stayed that they have broken a 60year family tradition of summer holidays in Santa Ponsa to go to Portugal They have also sold their family villa -so sad!


James / Hace over 2 years

Tourism is Mallorcas main income. You should never bite the hand that feeds you. Severe lack of affordable holiday accommodation needs addressing.


Eddie mcCarron / Hace over 2 years

I have been coming to Majorca for 22yrs this september.The island is getting to expensive for us.This will be our last year.Holiday Tax this september will be 150euros when we check in at Reception this is a big hit on our fianances.The price of Beer is crazy now in Majorca.I have been soeaking to The Hotel there bookings are down this summer the situation is very serious thank you. EDDIE MCCARRON.


MelB / Hace over 2 years

Just moved back to UK after many years living on Mallorca. Spoke to an old friend about the situation with tourists. He and his party of ten will now be going to Greece. Mallorca is reaping what it has sown.


X. Tourist / Hace over 2 years

The decline couldn't have anything to do with tourist tax, could it ??


bill / Hace over 2 years

the reason for the fall in tourism is mallorca is too expensive it is far cheaper to go on the mainland prices on mallorca seem to be increased in some places twice a year


Stan Jessop / Hace over 2 years

The fall in the Pound and better amounts of money in some countries e.g. Turkey. As the main Holiday period started. Have made Mallorca very expensive. Increasing rents and prices in general will further reduce profit and tourist spending. Also there has been some good weather in the UK.


Robert / Hace over 2 years

Well thats what they wanted wasnt it!!!


Bob Hurst / Hace over 2 years

My wife and I have holidayed in Majorca twice a year for many years, but not this year. Why? Negative publicity about too many tourists, repeated graffiti, probably over publicised but still part of a prevailing unwelcome that we now feel. Sad but that's how we feel.