A person sunbathing on the beach. | EFE

This July was the fifth hottest in Spain this century and the seventh hottest since 1965. Temperatures were on average 1.2 degrees above average at 25.2C. Aemt records show that since 1965, eight out of the ten hottest Julys have been this century. For the record, the four hottest Julys this century have been, in order, 2015, 2006, 2010 and 2016.

Certain parts of the country, such as the centre, the east and Majorca were particularly hot. There were some unusual differences in that, for example, western Andalusia and southern Extremadura were quite cold in relative terms. In the Canaries as a whole, July was "normal".

Records were broken in some parts of the country. On the sixth, Almeria Airport registered 41.6C, the highest temperature since 1968.