Palmira's beach was closed on Tuesday this week due to a spill. | MICHELS¶

The Calvia 2000 municipal services agency has taken various measures to prevent spills of contaminated water at beaches.

On Tuesday, Palmira beach in Paguera was red-flagged as a precautionary measure because of a spill into the Malgrats torrent that had been caused by a build-up of solids in the sewage system.

Responding to this, the town hall says that investment has been made in improving the network and replacing sections that have been potentially problematic.

Action has also been taken to protect bathing water, while there have been campaigns to increase public awareness of how to make “good use” of the sewage network.

Measures adopted by Calvia 2000 have been for preventing and minimising the risk of spills and for guaranteeing the correct delivery and efficiency of the system. At Palmira beach, the town hall explains, there are three pumps, one of them new, for enhancing water quality, while there has been an extension of underwater hydraulic manifolds to cover a wider area.

This system is designed to bring deeper water closer to the coast in order to lower the temperature and to prevent proliferation of microalgae that that can discolour the water.