Image of the state the wheels of the Condor flight that landed with problems at Palma airport. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The north runway at Palma's Son Sant Joan Airport was closed for a time on Tuesday morning after a Condor flight from Munich reported technical problems en route to Palma. The plane landed safely at quarter past eight, passengers disembarked, but safety procedures required the closing of the runway and the diversion of three flights.

Two were diverted to Minorca and one to Ibiza. The airports authority Aena reported that the runway was operating normally by quarter past ten. The other runway was in use, and passengers were advised to check with their airlines for possible delays.

A similar situation arose recently because of the very high temperatures. Part of the north runway started to melt. This meant that it had to be closed temporarily. The problem took an hour or so to fix, and there were some slight delays as a result.