Magalluf and Santa Ponsa reported to have poor working practices. | T. DIAZ

Dear Sir,
Firstly, apologies if this is the wrong place to write but we are desperately trying to have our story told without losing our jobs and being black listed.

We are a group of workers based in Magalluf and Santa Ponsa.

We are all forced to work 60, 70 sometimes 80 hours a week by our respective employers.Hourly wage is so low that we have to work the hours to generate a living wage.

We know that the Law states we can only work 40 hours per week.

Employers are forcing their employees to sign time sheets saying they only work 40 hours and have 2 days off every week.

In reality most workers are lucky to get 1 day off per month and work a minimum of 56 hours per week.

All of us have experienced the same comments from our the effect that we must sign time sheets, accept the long hours and below minimum hourly rate of pay or we lose our jobs and will not be able to gain employment elsewhere.

Some of us have tried to speak to the council but are either dismissed or in 2 cases were reported to their employers and were sacked.

We have sought legal advice....which resulted in us being told that it was illegal for anyone to work more than 40 hours in a week. No solicitor was interested in the case.

None of us are willing to go public with this as it will mean us being sacked with little prospect of future employment.

Employers routinely withold wages and passports to ensure co operation from staff.
We aren't sure what, if anything your newspaper can do, but we really have no other hope other than to trust in you to try and end this exploitation of people by narcissistic and unscrupulous bar owners.

The bars involved in Magalluf and Santa Ponsa are too numerous to list.

Any kind of investigation into the work practices of these bars will bring all the evidence to light.

In hope, we ask you to help us.

The Magalluf and Santa Ponsa workers