Guardia Civil raids on Wednesday.


The Guardia Civil have carried out a series of dawn raids in Majorca on Wednesday as part of an operation against the trafficking of cocaine. The international operation extends to Colombia, where four people are currently under arrest. A Spanish citizen had set up a company in Majorca which was apparently dedicated to the importing of cocaine from Colombia.

Around a month ago, the Guardia arrested the driver of a lorry at the port in Alcudia. A kilo of cocaine had been found in the vehicle. The driver is said to be linked to the international criminal gang.

Wednesday's raids have been in Palma, Cala Ratjada, Lloseta and Marratxi. At 6.30am, the Guardia Civil cordoned off a building on the Calle Joan Saridakis in Palma. An apartment on the tenth floor was raided and searched.

The operation, dubbed Cróatlo (for rattlesnake), has involved raids in Barcelona and Madrid and the seizure of 80 kilos of cocaine on a cargo ship in Algeciras that was bound for Majorca.

At least 4 people in Majorca have now been arrested.

In Lloseta, an underground cocaine laboratory was discovered.