Domingo Zapata, a few days ago, whilst working on the mural. | Domingo Zapata


Majorcan artist, Domingo Zapata (born in Palma, 1974) lives in Gramercy Park, New York.

He is currently working 'suspended' more than a hundred metres high from a 25 storey skyscraper in Times Square. He is creating a 50-metre mural on the building whose image is captured by the whole world on a daily basis and within a few days, the installation by the painter from Palma will be revealed.

Zapata explains, three of the four façades of the Times Square building - the fourth of which is occupied by the famous giant screens - "have been completely covered with vinyl for this purpose", an installation that begins "at a height of 125 metres".

This installation "represents my 20 year career painting and speaks of all the dreams that have passed through my life from an artistic point of view, a review of everything that has been important and representative for me", showing the artistic concepts and styles that have accompanied it for two decades. And of course, Majorca is part of one of the three murals and appears "painted with its colours," continued the artist.

Zapata has chosen a suggestive title for this work, Life is a dream, "because life is a dream where everything is possible". In this case, "it is a gift sponsored by the owners of the building and it is there for people who visit the city to see it and get to know my art".

It is also "a public, non-profit work", he is not being paid. Also, "within a year, when it is retired, the vinyl will be donated to associations that work with marginalized children for their artistic education."

With this mural, a record will be broken that will bring "another dimension to my career, it is a historic moment for the city, for art and, above all, for my career," he concludes.