The arrest was made by officers of the National Police. | Marta Jara

Police officers arrested a man accused of getting drunk at a bar in Palma and neglecting his three-month-old baby.

The man, a 37-year-old Bolivian, entered a bar on calle Santa Florentina, in the Son Gotleu neighbourhood, very intoxicated. The man was so drunk that several customers had to take the child away and call the police.

The owner of the establishment refused to serve him any more alcohol.

At one point, the man was not paying attention to the baby in the pram, and the pram ended up in the street.

Upon the arrival of the National Police, residents pointed out that, moments before, the Bolivian was carrying the baby in his arms, was stumbling, and that the child was on the verge of falling to the ground.

The officers tried to locate a relative of the child, but they were unsuccessful. For this reason, it was decided to call the Institut de Serveis Socials del Consell de Mallorca to take care of the baby on a temporary basis.