Graffiti on bunkers at Es Trenc

For some, it's urban art. For others vandalism.

29-08-2019 Joan Perelló

Was it graffiti or was it urban art?

Residents and beachgoers in Sa Rapita were greeted yesterday morning by the sight of "artwork" on one of the Es Trenc beach gun bunkers.

These bunkers date from the Second World War and were built as a means of defence if there were ever some attempt at a landing; there never was.

They were abandoned, but in recent times there has been some restoration. This has included artwork, of which there have been tasteful examples.

The latest, however, has not met with approval. "It is not acceptable," says a resident. Campos town hall is being called upon to act against the vandalism, although the bunkers are also a matter for the Costas Authority.

There have been suggestions that the bunkers should be listed for their heritage value and be properly preserved. Earlier this summer, the bunkers were the targets for anti-tourism slogans.

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Mike Lammers / Hace over 2 years

We have a lot of these bunkers at our seaside in Belgium Fortunately they are on army ground so protected by iron fencing. But they have cleaned some partly rebuild to reproduce the view the soldiers had as well as the fire arms . A a year it is open for public so no graffiti on these ones If you do not fence up what you would like to protect these day it get's ruined by a respectless generationi