The current pact has defined a "very clear" road map for the next four years. | Jaume Morey

President Armengol stated yesterday that she is not afraid that tensions between her party PSOE and Podemos at national level will affect the pact for government in the Balearics between PSOE, Podemos and Més.

The president stressed that she is not worried about the stability of the Balearic government because the three parties had defined a "very clear" road map for the next four years and because the pact between "progressive forces" is functioning normally.

With PSOE and Podemos unable to reach agreement for national government, Armengol observed that she was against there being another general election.

Instead, there needs to be a stable government to take decisions in respect of economic and social policies. "It is very important that there is a stable government which has a four-year vision and can work for four years."

Another election, she feared, would mean further delays, such as to the approval of the state budget and to reforms of the regional financing system and rules regarding spending by town halls.

In the Balearics, Armengol noted, town halls have 600 million euros sitting in banks which they are unable to spend on meeting public needs.

Not wishing to say whether there should or should not be a coalition government, Armengol noted that there was a difference between the situations in the Balearic parliament and in Congress.

The three parties of the pact in the Balearics have a majority in parliament. PSOE, even with Podemos, cannot rely on a majority in Congress.

The investiture of Pedro Sánchez (or someone else from PSOE) as prime minister is, in her opinion, not as important as an agreement for government and the right political roadmap.