Punta Ballena, Magalluf

Another night of chaos and panic in Magalluf.


Police have launched an investigation after a mass brawl broke out in the early hours of the morning in Calle Punta Ballena in Magalluf.

The reason for the brawl is under clear but it has underlined once again the lack of police and law and order in Magalluf´s infamous strip.

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Leee / Hace over 2 years

Obviously not over drug turf🤔


Juan love / Hace over 2 years

Getting beaten up by someone wearing a sailor's hat is probably the most embarrassing part for the poor man.


John Parkinson / Hace over 2 years

This is obviously turf war and what happens when the authorities and police continue to turn a blind eye and refuse to take any action for whatever reason.It will only get worse as they compete as the season ends and then they will disappear to spend their ill gotten gains and return in force next year.


James / Hace over 2 years

What odds it was a turf war? Drugs? Arrest and deport.


Ewok / Hace over 2 years

Frigging looky looky lads by the look if the video and no doubt the british will get the blame


Stevet / Hace over 2 years

We passed this group yesterday evening near the piano bar in Calvià Ironic thing they were protesting about violence against them from local government and police 😂


Steve / Hace over 2 years

There's a lack of Police viligence everywhere, electric scooters abound in the roads, drinkimg alcohol in the street, underclothed in shops and supermarkets, crossing the roads while using a mobile, the list goes on....