Kyle Eastwood to play at Jazz Voyeur Festival in Palma. | JB MILLOT


The twelfth Jazz Voyeur Festival will take place from the end of October to the end of November.

The first in the series of concerts will be on the 27th of October at Palma's Trui Theatre. This will feature German singer Ute Lemper, who has often been compared with Marlene Dietrich.

Other dates will include the reappearance in Majorca of Clint Eastwood's doublebass-playing son Kyle at the Catalina Valls Theatre in Palma on the twentieth of November. Other venues will be the Conservatory, the Auditorium and Es Gremi.

Since the festival started in 2007, when it headlined Chick Corea and Bela Fleck, artists of world renown have been coming to Palma. Director Roberto Menéndez says that there have been 72 concerts over the years, that the festival has built up a loyal following and that each year there are new people attracted to it. "They discover a soundscape that they hadn't imagined."

The twelfth festival follows the objectives and values adopted from the outset: to fill a gap in the presentation of jazz of the highest order; to promote talent; and to create bonds between the local and international jazz scene.