The two men were detained at a fiesta in Sineu last month. | T. AYUGA

A Palma court has handed fines of 5,400 euros to two Majorcan men who failed to comply with a court order to leave Majorca.

The two, aged 26 and 29, were arrested by the Guardia in Sineu during the fiestas last month. This was sixteen days after they had been given 24 hours to get off the island, this order having been handed out because of their repeated offences (robberies) in Magalluf.

Only one of the two appeared in court on Monday. He maintained that he didn't have the financial wherewithal to be able to leave Majorca. The judge was satisfied that he did have sufficient money, noting that he had been in employment until the end of June. "There is no evidence that the accused are insolvent," the judge concluded, remarking that they had shown no respect for court rulings.