One of the detainees captured by the security camera at a petrol station. | National Police

A 42-year-old Spaniard, who is currently on remand for other offences, has been charged by the National Police with robbery with violence that relates to an incident at a petrol station in January. On that occasion he had his face covered, was carrying a chain and a knife and got into a tussle with an employee before managing to take cash from the till.

He is in prison for two incidents that occurred on the same night in August. For one, he faces charges of attempted homicide, having stabbed a victim. The same knife was used in a robbery at a gambling salon.

The National Police have also charged a 30-year-old Romanian in connection with robbery with violence at a beauty salon in the Palma Rafal neighbourhood. He threatened people in the salon with a knife and stole two phones. As with the other case, he is currently in prison. In August, he was reported for sexual offences against four women.