Tourists at Palma airport. | T. AYUGA


A British man was sentenced on Thursday to six months in prison for assaulting four National Police officers at Palma airport in July 2016. The accused was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.

The man admitted the facts before the judge and accepted the prison sentence imposed, which he will not serve upon suspension for two years. He will also have to pay a fine of 360 euros for the minor injuries he caused to officials.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Office in its indictment, the incident started at Son Sant Joan's passport control line. The accused started disrespecting a national police officer who was there. Faced with this situation, the officer asked for reinforcements and took the man to a room to try to calm him down. There, the British man threw a chair at the officials, then kicked and punched them. Among the four officers who were there, they were unable to hold the tourist, because of his great strength he was able to get out and leave the room. He wanted to return to passport control, but there they were able to reduce him.

Four agents suffered various bruises. One of them required stitches. In addition to the half-year suspended prison sentence, the accused was ordered to pay 2,300 euros in compensation.