Killings of women in the Balearics

The latest killing of a woman on the island was just last week.

26-09-2019J. SOCIES

The latest report from the General Council of the Judiciary shows that over the past three years eight women in the Balearics were killed by their partners or ex-partners.

In terms of victims per 100,000 inhabitants, these murders give a ratio of 0.62, whereas the national figure is 0.32. There were only four provinces with more killings: Barcelona, Granada, Madrid and Tenerife. The report is in line with another from the General Council, which identifies the Balearics as having the highest rate of crimes of violence against women, not just murders.

The General Council expresses its concern at there having been 151 murders in Spain over the three-year period and at the fact that in 46 of these cases the woman (or someone representing her) had denounced the partner or ex-partner. The number of these reports had risen three per cent compared with the average for the past ten years.

Almost 40% of victims were foreign. The General Council therefore points to the particular vulnerability of women from other countries, with the majority of victims having come from Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Morocco and Romania.

Sixty-five per cent of victims were living with partners at the time of the killings; 46% were married to or had been married to their killers.


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Maria / Hace over 2 years

This type of article is misleading. Mallorca is a cosmopolitan island with many foreigners. In mainland Spain 15% of the population are immigrants and 45% of the women killed by their partners are foreigners / foreign partners. Mallorca has much more than 15% immigrants, more like 50%. The gender violence cannot be blamed on Majorcan or Spanish men. If people grow up with values that are different to Spanish values and kill each other in Spain, it is a different problem than saying Spanish men are bad and aggressive.