Guillem Balboa of Més

Guillem Balboa, in an archive image.

12-03-2018Ultima Hora

Més have expressed their opposition to tourist tax paid by Thomas Cook clients being kept by hoteliers. While approving other measures announced by the Balearic government, such as the financial aid for Thomas Cook employees, the party stated today that the tax has a purpose, which is that visitors contribute to counteracting "the negative effects" of tourism. The tax is "not to help businesses in cases of financial problems".

The Més spokesperson, Guillem Balboa, believed that the measure would mean that tourists are being deceived. The tourist tax itself will be "undermined", while the decision "does not take into account the agreement between the three parties which participate in the government". Other means, he argued, should be found to help businesses. He also wondered about the legality of giving tax revenue to those "who haven't paid it".


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Lorenzo El Sueco / Hace over 2 years

Where are the shareholders? A bad debt is a business risk. In case the hotels are in a dire need of liquidity then possibly a loan can be given, at normal rates and conditiions. But the shareholders should not expect a tax contribution or subvention. Since when a recurrent business risk like bad debts is a matter of tax comoensation? The tax paid by the tourists had an aim to cover the negative effects of tourism. Not to become a reserve for bad days.


Anton / Hace over 2 years

"The tax has a purpose, which is that visitors contribute to counteracting "the negative effects" of tourism." Anyone who ever believed this must be living in cloud cuckoo land. It's been up for grabs by all and sundry ever since its introduction.


F4phixeruk / Hace over 2 years

What about the thousands these hoteliers made BEFORE Thomas Cook went bust. Yet again taxes being used to prop up businesses that don’t deserve it.