Los Lobatos in court

Los Lobatos in court in Palma.

07-10-2019A. Sepúlveda

Ten members of a criminal gang known as Los Lobatos have been sentenced to a total of 39 years and seven months for 21 robberies from businesses and homes in 2016 and 2017.

The ten were in court in Palma yesterday to hear the confirmation of sentences. The total was reduced from the 120 years and nine months that had originally been called for. Nine of the ten were considered to have been full members of the gang, while a tenth - a woman - was an accessory after the fact. An eleventh person was cleared.

Two of the accused were also sentenced for having attacked Guardia Civil officers, and two more for drug trafficking.

PALMA. ROBOS. El clan de 'los Lobato ' se enfrenta a penas que suman 120 años de cárcel.

Arrests of Los Lobatos members started in August 2017. The gang was suspected of having committed the 21 robberies in the months prior to the arrests, but in total - and over many years of existence - they were believed to have been behind up to 400 robberies. The Guardia Civil carried out simultaneous raids at twelve properties - five in Palma, five in Inca, one in Lloret and the other in Llucmajor.


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Judy J / Hace over 2 years

That's such a Pathetic Sentence . No wonder crime is getting more and more rampant😔😡


Britbabe / Hace over 2 years

So, for 20+ robberies and attacking guardia, these men got an average of less than 4 years each. They will only serve half that at most and will be out on the streets again shortly after, robbing again no doubt. This is not justice. The sentences are not long enough to be a deterrent.