Mock up of the artwork to appear on a double decker bus in London next month. | R.L.


The President of the Council of Majorca, Catalina Cladera, and the island Councillor for Tourism and Sport, Andres Serra, yesterday presented an ambitious and exciting promotional campaign for the World Travel Market in London next month.

Cladera and Serra explained yesterday that, in view of recent events such as the collapse of Thomas Cook in the UK and pending Brexit developments, the Council of Majorca has this year decided to make a major play for the British market, which Cladera stressed is vitally important for Majorca’s tourist industry.

The demise of Thomas Cook in the UK and a rise in popularity of competing destinations has promoted the Council of Majorca, and the Balearic government, to adopt what they have described as “shock” actions to shore up and stimulate the British market and ensure that Majorca, and the region as a whole, continues to be one of the country’s most popular holiday destinations and not just during the summer.

“Sun and sea speaks for itself,” Cladera said. “What we intend to do is offer Britons with a whole new Majorcan experience during the World Travel Market.”

Inside the fair, where the Council of Majorca’s slogan will beMallorca Inspires’, the Council of Majorca will this year, along with local councils, be sharing the Balearic stand.
The reason for this is that the money which has been previously spent on an individual stand, is this year being spent on two innovative promotional stunts.

One is purchasing the entire advertising space on a double decker bus which covers one of London’s most central routes. The bus will be running for four weeks, two weeks prior to the fair and two weeks after, covered in images of key locations in Majorca such as Palma Cathedral and the Tramuntana Mountains. The bus will also be advertising the slogan ‘Mallorca Inspires’.

Mock up of artwork for London bus.

The second initiative and the main event for the Council of Majorca is the ‘Fall for Mallorca’ experience which is being held on Monday, November 4 at one of the UK’s most popular and famous Spanish restaurants, the Hispania on Lombard Street in the heart of the financial district near Bank tube station.

Serra explained that the thinking behind this is to provide visitors, be they members of the general public, the travel industry, social media influencers or the general media with an opportunity to “touch, feel and taste” Majorca.

The two floors of the Michelin star restaurant are going to be transformed into Majorca for the afternoon, with the experience starting at 4.30pm and running until 9.30pm.

Serra said that they decided on using ‘fall’ because of its double meaning. Fall being Autumn and also fall for Majorca has implications of falling in love with the island.

The experience will focus on culture, arts and crafts, food, wine and local produce, nature, the environment and the climate. What is more the Majorca chef who won Masterchef Spain 2014, Vicky Pulgarin, will be showcooking Majorcan dishes throughout the afternoon for guests to taste.

The entire campaign is being accompanied by extensive social and print media campaigns with which the Majorca Daily Bulletin is involved.