Malen's mother handed out balloons at Sunday's remembrance. | Michel's

Natalia Rodríguez has criticised Facebook for not investigating the person who accessed her missing daughter’s account on the social media website.

Malén Zoe Ortiz disappeared from Son Ferrer on December 2, 2013.

“What Facebook is doing with my daughter’s account and with the research is a bad thing,” she said.

“If this had happened in America years ago, researchers would already have accessed the profile and checked the messages. I don’t intend to criticise researchers, but as a mother I think we missed a great opportunity, ” said Natalia.

At least a hundred people gathered in Sa Pinada de Santa Ponsa on Sunday to remember Malén and before the remembrance service began, Natalia explained the legal situation of her daughter’s case.

“In September the precautionary file of the case was agreed,” she said.