Electric scooters are a common form of transport in Palma

This month the Police are informing users of scooters about the regulations but from Friday they could be fined.

29-10-2019Local Police

Officers from Palma's community police are undertaking a campaign to inform users of personal mobility vehicles, e.g. electric scooters, about town hall regulations for their use. From the start of November, users face possible fines for breaching these regulations. Until November, the police are just informing users.

The town hall bylaw has established that the minimum age for electric scooter users is sixteen. These vehicles should be used on bike lanes and are governed by the same conditions as bikes. This means that in certain situations where bikes can be ridden on pavements or in pedestrian areas, electric scooters can also be used.

Generally speaking, however, personal mobility vehicle use is not allowed on pavements, in squares, in pedestrianised zones or in parks and gardens. The speed limit is 30 kilometres per hour, except on residential streets with an S-28 sign, which is the blue sign with white pedestrian, car and house figures. In these residential zones, no vehicle can exceed 20 kph.

Scooters must be ridden in the correct direction and will need to meet standard requirements for brakes, lights and warning bells. The police are recommending the wearing of helmets and reflective vests.


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Steve Kane / Hace about 1 year

As my dear wife uses a MOBILITY SCOOTER on our 3 x2week holidays to the Island can she also use the bike lanes in the resorts