The second series of The Mallorca Files and the Chinese series Spain Passion are currently being filmed here. | Alberto Vera


A forum entitled Shooting in Spain has been taking place in Los Angeles this week and has attracted the likes of Disney, HBO and Netflix.

The president of the Spain Film Commission, Carlos Rosado, says that, from the point of view of filming, Spain is already well known and respected in the US. The diversity of locations is a key reason why the country is popular. “However, we want to go a step further.”

Rosado points to the impetus given to the forum by James Costos, who was the US ambassador in Spain during the Obama administration. This is assisting, Rosado, adds, in the aspiration for Spain to be a “preferential partner” for US filmmakers in Europe.

Factors such as Brexit, he suggests, can help Spain. “It’s an opportune moment.”
He also notes that the Spanish language is an advantage. “Spanish is spoken at many forums.”

The film commission president explains that tax incentives to make filming even more attractive are on the way. “We will be able to compete with other countries that use fiscal policy as a means of attracting filmmakers.” He notes that Majorca is among destinations where film offices are attracting overseas producers.

Filming for cinema and television is calculated to have an economic value to Spain of almost 650 million euros per annum. The second series of The Mallorca Files is currently being shot on the island for the BBC.