Electric scooter in Palma

Electric scooter in Palma.


Palma police will now be issuing fines for all infringements of town hall ordinance that regulates the use of personal mobility vehicles, specifically electric scooters.

The town hall introduced the regulations five months ago. The councillor for public safety, Joana Maria Adrover, said on Friday that the police had been sensitive to the fact that this was a comparatively new form of mobility and understood that "some margin" needed to be given.

The regulations were therefore phased in. During the summer, controls focused on Playa de Palma and scooters being rented out. Over a hundred fines were issued. These controls were extended to other parts of the city in September, since when there have been some further fines. The police have, however, been concentrating on giving information. From now on, the police will continue to hand out information, whether a user faces a fine or not, but the regulations will be fully enforced.

A social media campaign, aimed primarily at the young, has been launched. This will give information about the regulations so that people can use scooters "without violating the rights of pedestrians and other people".

The police say that the most common infringements are riding in prohibited areas, not respecting traffic regulations, riding under the influence of alcohol or drugs, wearing headphones or using mobiles, and not being old enough to ride an electric scooter.


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louisa / Hace over 2 years

What about the skateboarders that skateboard in the roads, often skateboarding the wrong way down roads. Its speed they skate and I saw a police car the other day ..very rare in santa catalina.. and the police said nothing to three young boys skate boarding down the local streets ....very fast and very dangerous in the traffic and the police did nothing! I would say that the electric scooters are less of a problem than the skateboarders in public areas


Tony / Hace over 2 years

Scooters are brilliant however it's those that either ride too fast or on roads that cause problems. One guy working in Cala Bona daily rode his scooter along the cycle path between Cala Millor and Cala Bona so fast he was dangerous. A child could easily been seriously injured i As this guy was weaving in and out along this cycle path. Speeding along pathways should be prohibited and monitored. Safety for pedestrians must be a priority.