Views from Sa Teulera

Views from Sa Teulera, Palma, Mallorca.

17-11-2019 L. FORTEZA

Sa Teulera and La Bonanova were the two richest neighbourhoods in Palma in 2016 with people earning an average annual salary of 21,918€ and generating a family income of 73,435€ a year, according to the latest date from the Ministry of Finance.

Fifty-seven of the 78 Palma neighbourhoods registered an increase in average income in 2016; twenty-one therefore showed a decrease.

Son Gotleu was named as the poorest area of the city where people were being paid around 5,497€ a year and generating an annual family salary of 20,355.

The data also showed that people in 16 other working class neighbourhoods of the capital were earning less than 10,000€ a year.


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