Minister for Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto in parliament. | MDB


The Spanish government’s plan to invest eight million euros in Balearics resorts that were especially affected by the collapse of Thomas Cook was officially signed yesterday in Palma.

The agreement was rubber-stamped by President Armengol and Reyes Maroto, the minister for industry, trade and tourism.

Armengol thanked the Sánchez administration for having kept its promises and commitments to a “fragile territory” (the Balearics), which needs to be taken care of and that contributes “great amounts of revenue” to the rest of Spain.

The scheme envisages the spending of five million euros on modernising resorts in Majorca, 1.6 million in Ibiza and 1.4 million in Minorca.

It is expected that there will be more investment of this kind next year.

The plan has in effect already been worked out in that it is known where some of the money will be going, e.g. 400,000 for Magalluf and 670,000 for Alcudia.

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It is also known where the money won’t be going. Santanyi town hall has expressed its indignation that Cala d’Or has been overlooked.