Preparing Sa Pobla rice; some 2,000 meals will be served.


Sunday, 24 November
Palma, Fira de Nadal. 10.00-21.00: Plaça Major.

Santa Ponsa, Weihnachtsmarkt. 10.00-22.00: El Molino Showground.

Bunyola, Fira de Muntanya / Santa Catalina. 09.00: Opening of stalls in streets of the village. 11.30: Official opening with town hall dignitaries and pipers; 11.45: Batucada. Plaça Andreu Estarellas. 12.00: Basque Country folk dance group on the streets of the village. 18.00: Fair closes. 20.00: Bonfires for Santa Catalina.

Mancor de la Vall, Biniarrels Fira de Mancor. 08.30: Opening of the traditional and artisan market and gastronomy day. 09.30: Procession by pipers, drummers and whistlers. 11.00: Folk dance. Plaça Ajuntament. 12.00: Folk dance. Son Morro. 12.30: Dance by cavallets. Plaça Ajuntament. 13.00: Pipers, drummers and whistlers. Plaça Ajuntament. 16.00: Folk dance with Tramudança. Son Morro. 17.30: Valtukada batucada. 18.00: Rockets and fireworks. Son Morro.

Sa Pobla, Fira de l'Arròs Pobler (Sa Pobla Rice Fair). From 09.00: Sunday market, C. Gran; local produce and food, Plaça Major; artisan market, Plaça Alexandre Ballester; book and collecting fair, Placeta Església; local associations, C. Major; various attractions, Plaça Mercat; vehicles and agricultural machinery, C. Mister Green; Vespas, Placeta Tren; classic cars, in the car park by the local police; animals' exhibition, C. Fadrins; classic bikes, C. Asalto. 09.30: Making of Sa Pobla arròs brut, Plaça Major. 10.00: Equestrian display, Sa Fortalesa. 11.00: Family activities with pet dogs, tombola. By the police station; Sa Pobla Band School of Music. By the town hall. 11.15 / 12.30 / 17.30: Children's entertainment, C. Major. 12.00: Taekwondo. By the town hall. 18.00: Modern and fitness dance. By the town hall. 19.00: Concert - Sa Pobla Choir and Band of Music. At the church.

Alcudia. 19.30: Alcudia Band of Music - concert for Saint Cecilia. Auditorium, Plaça Porta Mallorca. Five euros.

Bunyola. 18.30: Bunyola Festival of Music - Ars Musicae. At the church. Ten euros.

Pollensa. 20.30: Alternatilla Jazz Festival - Alternatilla Jazz Band (Ricardo Toscana, alto sax; Toni Vaquer, piano; Marko Lohikari, double bass; Joao Lopes Pereira, drums). Sant Domingo Convent Church, C. Guillem Cifre de Colonya. Ten euros.

Palma. 18.00: Jorge Blass - illusionist. Auditorium, Paseo Marítimo 18. 25-35 euros.

Monday, 25 November
Palma, Fira de Nadal. 10.00-21.00: Plaça Major.

Santa Ponsa, Weihnachtsmarkt. 17.00-22.00: El Molino Showground.

Palma. 19.30: Fundació Studium Aureum; Mystic of the 21st Century, Arvo Pärt. Conservatory, C. Alfons Magnanim 64. 20 euros.