Nadal has taken the mayor of Manacor to task. Archive photo. | Irina R.H.Europa

In an open letter on the Manacor Noticias website, Rafael Nadal has taken the mayor of Manacor to task in denying that he received favourable treatment for the building of his academy and the mooring of his yacht in Porto Cristo.

Hello, everyone. I would like to have written this some weeks ago, but it has been an intensive year for me and I have wanted to focus on the complex sporting challenges that I have faced. Now that the season is over and I am starting to prepare for the next one, I am speaking out so that you can know about some issues which are important to me."

“I have always tried to be honest and consistent in my way of doing things and have respected all points of view. But like anyone, I am hurt by unjustified and defamatory attacks that simply seek to stain my name. I can assure you that the academy project could have been undertaken in several places in the world, where we were offered significant benefits and terms. But I was always clear that it would be Manacor."

“Therefore, I feel obliged to respond to claims made with the intention of harming me and my family and which question my relationship with Manacor. This is so you can have full information about certain things which a few people have said and which have been published maliciously. These are as follows:
“I have been accused of being a privileged person and of having been treated with favour in being able to build a sports and education centre in Manacor, which is in accordance with requirements of a law passed by the Balearic parliament in 2012 and partially modified in 2018. Yes, I do feel privileged, as a parliamentary majority considered, in a democratic way, that this strategic project for Majorca would have far greater weight if it were undertaken while I was still active; the impact would therefore multiply. I have always been grateful for this."

“I have invested a very significant part of my assets in the academy (something that has also been questioned), and I am very happy that it has more than 300 people working all year who can make it sustainable, something which is difficult in the case of a small town with greater connectivity problems than our large international competitors.
“We carried out the construction by hiring companies in the area, and wherever possible, we prioritised buying products and material from local companies. Similarly, we grant sponsorships at the academy to promising youngsters from Majorca; we help local sporting (and non-sporting) groups; and we are endeavouring to expand the model established here in Manacor to other countries."

“The law mentioned above set out a series of obligations to the town hall:
- A sum of 753,000 euros for urban development that has been paid or is on deposit.
- 3,126 square metres of adapted green land that has been provided.
- The cost of 2,600 square metres of this green land is pending knowing the valuation from the town hall.
- Public parking of 3,500 square metres which is waiting on the approval of the Council of Majorca and the town hall.
- Joint costs with the town hall for a roundabout to improve traffic.
“Although someone is trying to show the opposite, I am and will be pleased to fulfil all these obligations, as this is my duty as a citizen. We were accused on 12 November of not paying rates or the rubbish tax for the academy, something which is completely false. Payments corresponding to the rates were made in October upon receipt of the notification to do so, and the first payment for the rubbish tax was made in November 2017. I wonder why these accusations are so malicious when it is easy to prove that they are not true:
- Rates corresponding to the year 2017: 100,000 euros
- Rates corresponding to the year 2018: 98,000 euros
- Rubbish tax corresponding to the year 2017: 7,000 euros
- Rubbish tax corresponding to the year 2018: 11,600 euros.

“On a personal level, what has hurt me the most has been the mayor of Manacor accusing me of ‘being on the margins of Manacor’, and adding that ‘Manacorinidad’ is practised but not verbalised. Honestly, having to read this or listen to this is very offensive and painful. There may be people who do not like the way in which I have taken the name of Manacor all over the world, but I don’t think there is any doubt that I have endeavoured to so in the best possible way."

“I have always been here when Manacor has needed me. Therefore, when I was asked for financial assistance to complete the auditorium project seven years ago, I didn’t hesitate in making the necessary donation. I did this selflessly and from the heart, and this was like other aid I have given to the region recently because of the catastrophic occurrences, the memory of which continues to pain the affected area and people very close to me."

“I can assure you that the academy project could have been undertaken in various parts of the world where they offered us significant benefits and terms. But I was always clear that, despite a high financial cost, I wanted to do it at home in Manacor so that this would be a positive project for my region and for the Balearic Islands."

“Similarly, I wanted the first centre of my foundation to be located in Palma, where we help more than 250 children from the Nou Llevant and La Soledat districts, which are particularly disadvantaged areas in terms of personal resources.

“Manacor and Porto Cristo are everything to me. I live here, I train here. I have my family and my friends, and it is where I do my day to day. The sea is one of my great hobbies, and some people have wanted to criticise me through false information in which they suggest that I have received favourable treatment for the mooring of my yacht. I have read and heard that it will be necessary to undertake work at the port, which is absolutely false. I know that it should not be necessary to have to comment on this sort of thing, but I want to make it clear that I have only ever acted as a member of the 300 or so others who form the Club Náutico de Porto Cristo and complied with all the usual legal procedures."

“I could continue by addressing other matters over which I have been silent for a long time, but I do not wish to enter into certain controversies. I just wanted to express my feeling of pain and disappointment with certain issues and to let you know what I think, as I believe you deserve to have my point of view about things that have been published or said. Sincerely, Rafel.”