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Six new lines are being added and there will be changes to 19 others as well as new stops and name changes to bus stops that already exist, according to Palma Mayor, José Hila.

42 million passengers use the bus service and the biggest changes will be on the most popular routes.

"The modification affects the 12 services most in demand, to improve frequencies, be more efficient, reinforce lines, reorder itineraries and create new ones,? said Mayor Hila.

The number of triple-high capacity buses will increase from 14 to 40, ?to offer a better service on high occupation routes so that no one left waiting at the bus stop because the bus is full," he said.

The deputy mayor of Sustainable Mobility, Francesc Dalmau, confirmed that there will be 19 changes to 28 existing lines and with 6 new ones being added, there will be a total of 34 lines.

?Line 3, which is one of the most popular in the city is being divided up. The number 3 will run between Son Bonet to Joan Carles I; the number 4 will go from Plaza Columnas to Illetes; Line 7 will run in the corridor of Son Espanyolet and Son Rapinya and be reinforced and there will also be more buses on the number 8 route between Sa Vileta and Son Roca? said Deputy Mayor Dalmau.

EMT Manager, Mateu Marcús, says the way line 3 is divided up means that the same number of people will use it.

?It starts at Son Bonet, passes through Calle Aragó and the heart of the Avenidas, then on to Paseo Mallorca via Avinguda Jaume III and ends in Plaza de las Tortugas. It will return along La Rambla to Plaça d?España and Calle Aragó."

Line 4 will start at Illetes, running through Cala Mayor to Porto Pi, Avenida Joan Miró, along the Avenidas past Plaça d?España and finish at Plaza de las Columnas.

Line 23A will become number 23 and 23B will change to line 22.

Lines 28A and 28B that run between Pere Garau, Es Rafal, Son Llatzer and Es Coll, will also change. The 28A is now the 27 and the 28B changes to 28.

The 29 bus, which runs to Son Espases is being divided in two. The 29 will run from Son Espases Hospital to Plaza Progreso via Andrea Doria and the number 39 will go from Carretera Valldemossa to the Palacio de Congressos.

The 31A and 31B, is broken into two routes. The 31 will go between s?Aranjassa, es Pilárarí and es Viver and Palma.

The 31B becomes the 32 and runs from s'Arenal, to es Pilárarí, Can Pastilla, Son Llàtzer, Carretera Manacor and terminate in Porta de Sant Antoni.

The new line 46 will be replace by the number 4 through Cala Major and the 46B is replaced by the number 47 via Carrer d?Andrea Doria to Genoa, Can Tàpera, Sant Agustí and Avenida Joan Miró.

Line 15 disappears.

Line 1 will change to A1 and run from the airport via Paseo Mallorca and the A2 replaces the 21 from the airport to s?Arenal.

Line 25 stays the same and will have a better connection with the new 35 with extra buses at peak times.

Lines 25 and 23 will use the freeway and the number 35 will run through the corridor of Coll den Rabassa, to the Grotto and Portitxol.

Some of these changes will be in place within 10 days.

?The bulk of the most important stops in the city centre and to the hospitals, will be changed by the 18th and the rest will take a few more days to implement.? said Marcús.

He also said new technology is being introduced on the buses and will be fully active by spring next year.

To download the map visit http://www.emtpalma.cat/documents.