Recycling facilities in Majorca. Archive photo. | plozano

More residents than ever before in the Balearic Islands are doing their bit for the environment, according to the Environmental Organisation, Ecoembes.

The amount of plastic recycled in yellow containers placed all over the islands increased by 12% this year to 26 kilos making the Balearics the top plastic recyclers in the country.

At least 36 kilos of paper and cardboard will have been tossed into the blue containers by the end of this year, putting the Balearic Islands into second place, behind Navarrese in the Basque Country.

Each Balearic resident discarded roughly 2,400 plastic containers, cans and bottles into the yellow recycling bins and roughly 1,400 pieces of paper and cardboard into the blue one.

There are a total of 6,294 yellow recycling bins and 6,158 blue ones in the Balearic Islands and a growing number of municipalities have introduced collection routes to encourage recycling.