You have 30 working days to apply for your Residency. Archive photo. | plozano

More than 10,000 British residents who live in the Balearics Islands have just 30 days to apply for their Resident’s Card to avoid the fallout from ‘Brexit’ and extra staff have been employed to cope with the expected avalanche of applications.

The Consulate General of the United Kingdom estimates that there’s around 25,000 British people living in the Balearics but only 15,000 of them are officially registered according to official sources.

"As of next week, the Immigration Service will have three new officials who will dedicate themselves exclusively to serving British citizens who want to apply for the Green Community Resident Card," said a Government Delegation representative.

With this card they will be entitled to the guaranteed Health Care and other benefits that British people currently receive as a member of the European Union.

The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has set a date for the UK to leave the EU on January 31, which gives Brits just 30 working days to file for their Resident’s Card, because of the Christmas and Three Kings holiday celebrations in the UK and Spain.

Community green card

The Community Resident Card will guarantee the rights of British in Spain and the Balearic Islands and give them access to Health & Social Security, Unemployment Benefits and allow them to obtain a Spanish Driving Licence.

British residents are urged to familiarise themselves with Local, Regional and State-level tax laws and to make sure their paperwork is up to date.

“Those who have the papers in order won’t have administrative problems, a circumstance that will not happen with those who do not regularise their situation,” said a Government Delegation spokesperson.

Brits who work for companies in the Balearic Islands or are self employed in Makorca or the other islands will also be affected by ‘Brexit’. Their situation is a little more complicated, but sources indicate that as long as British citizens meet the necessary requirements the situation shouldn’t be too drastic.


The Foreign Office has been conducting an awareness campaign amongst the British community in the Balearic Islands and other autonomous communities for more than a year.

The British Consul General, Lloyd Milen, has held several meetings nationwide to advise people of the legal procedures required by the European Union and answer questions about the process.

All British citizens in Spain who are not already registered are advised to apply for a Green Community Resident Card as soon as possible.