Kate Mentink from the European Citizens Foundation. Archive photo. | R. PHERRER

The British election results have caused uncertainty amongst Expats living in the Balearic Islands, according to lawyer, Alejandro Bellapart and Kate Mentink from the European Citizens Foundation.

“We must see how Prime Minister Boris Johnson reacts now with the overwhelming majority he has obtained,” said Kate Mentink. “Parliament will now decide whether to opt for a hard ‘Brexit’ or a more generous one with Brussels, but the one positive thing is that the pound has revalued, now we will have to wait for what happens on January 31.”

Alejandro Bellapart says it’s a tough time for business people who sell British goods here in Majorca.

"Some companies import products from the United Kingdom at no additional cost, but now they don't know how the cost of customs or tariffs will affect them," he said.

As ‘Brexit' approaches, British people living in Majorca are also extremely worried about Public Health Care and Pensions.