Warmer weather expected in winter. | PAU FIGUEROLA

Aemet is predicting a slightly warmer winter in the Balearics than normal, meaning that the average temperature for the three months will be above the eleven degrees that is usual.

Winter starts this Sunday and will end on the 20th of March.

In terms of rainfall, the met agency is forecasting an average 129 litres per square metre.

Winter anticyclones that produce clear days with some frost but also occasional fog will alternate with fronts bringing rain, snow and strong winds. There may be prolonged cold spells.

For Christmas, Aemet is pointing to an anticyclone bringing temperatures up to 20C. From the 28th, rain is expected but this won’t be unduly heavy.

The year as a whole, the met agency says, has been 0.3 degrees warmer than normal and somewhat drier. With a couple of weeks left of 2019, there has so far been 15% less rain than usual.