Passenger complaints were about poor organisation and the restructuring of the lines. | Pere Bota


According to a 'Last Minute' survey on the social media websites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, people are not happy about the changes to bus routes in Palma.

2,500 people answered the survey question, “Are you happy with the changes that the EMT has made in Palma?” and 80% said no.

Most of the passenger complaints were about poor organisation and the restructuring of the lines.

“It seems to me that they haven’t even spent two days studying the efficiency and influx of bus lines in this city. Basically, we have more buses and more lines, but what's the point if you overload the main lines? There were fewer lines before, but at least the bus took you from one end of the city to the other without having to get off,” complained one user.

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There were also lots of complaints about the bus route that connects Playa de Palma with the centre of the city, with people commenting that during the tourist season local residents in Coll d'en Rabassa and Es Molinar will be badly affected by the change of route for line 15.

Others said that the changes to buses running to Son Armadans, El Terreno and Pont d’Inca are “a disaster that will force many people to take their car instead of the bus.”

But not everyone was negative about the changes.

People complain but they won’t spend five minutes finding out where the lines go, which lines are new, or if they need a connection from one line to another. It’s not a bad thing, you just have to inform yourself and leave home with time to spare,” he recommends.