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Night trains will be available during Christmas weekends this year on three routes, the T1 to Inca, the T2 to Sa Pobla and the T3 to Manacor.

As reported by the Ministry of Mobility and Housing in a statement, in addition, and as usual in recent years, on New Year’s Eve the train will also work all night.

The weekend service will run on Friday, December 27 and Saturday 21, December 28, January 3, January 4 and January 5. Six services will run every hour in both directions.

The first train from the Intermodal Station in Palma will be at 23:15 and the last one at 04:15.

From Sa Pobla, the first departure will be at 23:45 and the last one at 04:45.

The first train from Manacor will depart at 23:30 and the last one at 03:30 hours.

You can view the timetable for those dates here.

There will also be a special night service from December 31 to January 1 with six one-way trains and six return trains. Four of them on the Palma-Manacor route and two on the Palma-Sa Pobla route.

The first departure from the Intermodal Station will be at 01:10 with trains every hour until 06:10 in the morning.

The first train from Manacor will depart at 01:15 and the last one at 06:25 hours.
Departures from Sa Pobla to Palma will be at 03:25 and 05:25 hours.

The New Year's Eve timetable can be viewed here.

There are also modifications to the timetable for December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.

On the December 24 and 31 daytime services will end earlier, but on the night of 31st, a special New Year’s Eve schedule will be activated.

The last regular departure from Palma to Sa Pobla on December 24 and 31 will be at 19:38 and in the opposite direction at 20:00.

On the Manacor line, the last departure from Palma will be at 20:17 and the last return train will be at 20:25.

The last train from Palma to Inca will be at 19:50 and in the opposite direction at 20:36. The subway service will also stop earlier on the 24th and the 31st.

On the M1 line, the last train to the UIB will leave the Intermodal Station at 20:15 and the last train from the UIB will be at 20:32.

The last service on the M2 line from the Intermodal Station to Marratxí will leave at 20:00 and the final service from Marratxí to the city centre will be at 20:40.

The modified daily timetable for these dates is here.

On Christmas Day there will be four trains in each direction on the Sa Pobla and Manacor lines.

The first train from Palma to Sa Pobla will be at 08:40 and the last at 19:40 and the first train from Palma to Manacor will be at 09:10 hours and the last service will depart at 20:10.

The first departure from Sa Pobla to Palma will leave at 10:07 hours and the last at 21:07 and the first one from Manacor to Palma will depart at 10:24 and the last one at 21:24.

The Christmas Day timetable is here.

On New Year’s Day, there will be five trains in each direction on the Palma-sa Pobla and Palma-Manacor lines.

From Palma to Sa Pobla the first train will be at 06:40 hours and the first one to Manacor at 07:10.

The first train from sa Pobla will be at 08:07 and from Manacor at 08:24 hours.

The timetable for New Year's Day is here.